The inspiration for this page came from my neighbours, Sandra & Jeremy, who wrote an amazing blog on their round the world trip. I thought it was a great idea and I think the stats below show that travelling is definitely no holiday – it actually requires a huge amount of effort and a surprising amount of tolerance; whether that is walking for a couple of miles across a city carrying all your bags in the 40 degree humidity, enduring a sleepless night on a 15h overnight bus, spending money you hadn’t budgeted for on things you never thought you’d need, or trying to squeeze your 6″5′ frame into a seat on a plane for 12h.

It’s a huge amount of fun and I loved absolutely every minute but it can definitely be more challenging than it probably seems from all the postcard pictures!

Countries visited: 8
Hours spent on intercity coaches: 91h 20m (17 journeys)
Miles travelled by coach: 4,114
Hours spent on flights: 62h 30m (14 flights)
Hours spent in airports: 42h 40m
Miles travelled by plane: 26,842 (approx)
Books read: 7
Pairs of sunglasses broken/lost: 8


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